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We want to help all small businesses and people around the world by connecting everyone with each other who wants to support them.
MAVN - A Smart Voucher Platform
to support small businesses and people
Smart Vouchers
Support small businesses by connecting them with their loyal customers online.
The main idea is to utilize technology to help small and medium businesses by connecting them with people, organizations, and governments through a digital channel and enable them to fund their business in alternative ways.

We suggest a "Smart Voucher" based concept which is an additional tool next to state guarantees and bank loans during the crisis.
The initial support for the troubled businesses could stem from their frequent customers initially.

The government would be able to back the companies and the Smart Vouchers in case the companies go out of business, to pay the customers back.
Businesses offer Smart Vouchers to supporters
Restaurant owner registers on MAVN, defines the smart voucher details and publishes the offer
Restaurant customer uses the MAVN app to find and buy the smart voucher
Restaurant receives the money

Customer Receives the smart voucher
Customer uses the voucher at a later time at the restaurant, or sends it to any other person
Lets take a restaurant as an example

A restaurant that is affected by the shutdown and has financial issues could pre-sell its goods and services, as a smart voucher for a dinner to their loyal clients. Doing that it can improve the financial situation. The customers can support their local or favorite shops by pre-ordering the service or good and paying for it.

Any SME is able to place their goods and services on offer in the form of a smart voucher so that the customer can buy it. After a simple signup on the platform the SME is able to create offers and generate smart vouchers. The smart vouchers are instantly displayed on the MAVN mobile app to their customers.

In the situation of a crisis, the government would be able to provide funding by buying up the vouchers or backing the smart vouchers so the customers could get their money back in case the restaurant goes bankrupt.
Support the unbanked
Mass distribution of aid to people across the world
Supporter onboards on MAVN, and issues smart vouchers backed by the government
People receive the smart vouchers on their MAVN app
People spend their vouchers
for vital goods and services
Goods and service providers can redeem the Smart Vouchers at the bank or government
Mass distribution of support to people

In the situation of a crisis, the government should be able to provide fast scalable support mechanisms.

Using MAVN it is possible to support people by distributing subsidies in form of smart vouchers directly to their mobile phones.

The government can issue smart vouchers for any defined specific purpose and distribute to the people for consumption. The customers can use the aid at a local or favorite shop to get vital goods and services.
After a simple signup on the platform the government is able to create smart vouchers for a specific purpose

The smart vouchers can be instantly delivered to the targeted audience on the MAVN mobile app.

Demand and supply can be managed more effective.
Expected Benefits
Aid Targeting
Precise targeting of the aid program.
Optionality: non-transferable and transferable tokens.
Businesses can create funding requests and campaign with a few clicks.
Peer to Peer
Smart Vouchers can be exchanged between people and reduce hoarding problems
The creation of smart vouchers or dedicated funding initiative are fast due to automation
Spending behavior and usage of the voucher and the supporting funds
Cost Effective
The support is a co-initiative of the public and the government
Big and small programs to support SMEs.
Crowd Reviews
Enabling all participant to review each other creates visibility of fraud or scams
Smart Vouchers can represent any form of value, good or service.
Smart Voucher for any specific good and service
Smart Voucher with exact terms & conditions as a loan
Smart Voucher which is representing monetary value
Smart Voucher confirming the status of a person
Transferable Smart Voucher for Taxi ride to hospital
Non-transferable Smart Voucher for Coronavirus test
What is the problem with current initiatives aimed to support SME's and people?
The coronavirus health crisis has a significant impact on the real economy where goods and services are produced.
All small and medium enterprises are the most affected due to the shutdown. The overall reduced business activity has a strong impact on the global economy overall and all people.

The national governments around the world are trying to address the problems, as we already have seen in 2009, by offering loan guarantees to banks which in return are expected to provide loans to struggling businesses or entrepreneurs.
This process presents several flaws and inefficiencies which are described below.
Inefficient and difficult to manage
Not scaleable operationally
Don't reach the target or too late
State bears all cost

openMAVN - A robust starting point!

openMAVN was build with the intent to be a rewards platform which is based on a Smart Voucher Concept that can represent anything.

Many of the elements that are required to address the problems described above can be addressed by the platform after minor adjustments.

Key elements
Full automation of the process for voucher management
Full transparency
Speed of information aggregation
Targeted initiatives of support
Platform and tools for Customer, Businesses and Government

How can I help the MAVN Alliance?
We care about the solution and the reputation of our partners and active supporters. At the moment, we need support in the following areas:

1. Building Partner network;

2. Support with media contacts;

3. Promoting amongst SMEs and their Customers;

4. Optional: your suggestions.

The fastest way to connect with us is via email or Telegram Community Chat .
Is MAVN Alliance a brand under any other fintech company? Is there any profit?
MAVN Alliance is a Swiss based association that initially has been founded by Lykke Business as swiss fintech, Frorip a global law firm and PrimeHolding a digital agency. The Alliance has now over 10 additional members and supporters.

This project aims to use technologies to connect small and medium businesses with governments, organizations, and people.

We are all working under other brands and businesses. But when it comes to taking any decisions we act as Volunteers, Contributors, Partners, and Supporters.
Is it possible to save all of the struggling enterprises with OpenMAVN? If the company doesn't receive enough support will it bankrupt anyway? What about consumer money?
We should keep in mind that the platform doesn't exclude support from the local government or banks. It matters who is joining in and who is embracing this concept. For instance, the firm doesn't receive financial support yet, but it has very good dynamics with selling vouchers. For any bank, it will be a demonstration of what is going on with a particular business. Then it will be much easier to pre-filter businesses and invest and support them.

We are also working on a mobile app, rating system for businesses and creating as much transparency as possible. Since in Europe we already have some cases of receiving support by businesses that are not in struggle. Also, it is possible to set a financial target for each SME. If it is achieved after some time, business stays afloat. If not - customers can get their vouchers back.
How can you help?
Help Coding
Help Promoting and raising awareness
Social Media, Politicians, etc.
Reach out to affected people and organizations
Collect information from the field to find out what helps and how solve the problem better
If you can donate or fund
Reach out over Email:
Support with infrastructure
If possible help with Azure, AWS or any other capacity
Support with legal topics
Where necessary support the project with legal topics.

Who is MAVN Alliance?

We are a movement emerged out of the urgency to battle the impact of Covid-19 on a global scale.
MAVN is an abbreviation of the word "MAVEN", which came from Yiddish and means "one, who understands".

We are an open-source project that is able to address the pandemic-related problems in the economy.

We are creating and promoting a "Community Powered Support" model for SME's and People by creating the necessary technology for fast and traceable support between governments, citizens and businesses.

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